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    Hi this is Xy2k's Personal Home page

I was born in Sacramento California I was raised as a Christian in a family that loved me. Half of my family from was Jehovah witnesses we would never sail them on the holidays because they said they where pagan.

I have always had a deep respect for most religions the only ones I donít like are the ones that hurt otherís. I have fond that most religions share a common goal the rule of respect: you reap what you so, karma, or the rule of three to name a few.

I believe that if you do well and love others in this world that your sole will pass on to next one if you have lured all you need to know that is. If not you come back for more itís hard life I know but no one said live forever was easy. I do not believe it maters what religion you are but this is what I believe and others may not share this belief.

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I live where ever I can find. I don't have much money just love. my famly calls me a bumm becouse I am not selfish and my only goal in life is to help other I don't mide working if the job well let others know how much I care and love them. my famly thinks that my love makes me lasy I do not.


My friends are cool they believe in me when it seems as if no one dose. I know the love me and I love them to. Some of my friends play a card games called magic and some even do real magick I am more of a dabbler it the Magick arts but find that the true magick comes in loving others.

I am not a wiccan all thou some of my friend are as well as Christian, Jewish, atheist, and others well all get along because we respect each other like loving people should. The only requirement to be my friend is to have this same respect.


I like to read a good book, play RPG game, saving the world from evil and be back home in time see MTV or blast the music as load as I can without upsetting the neighbors. I know I am a little crazy but thatís why you love me right.